Wisdom of Yoga, set of 6 DVDs

Price:  $180

These DVDs offer an in-depth discussion of the deeper dimensions of yoga. Drawing insight directly from the ancient texts, they bring alive the authentic teachings that underlie the practice of yoga and show how they are relevant to the lives of modern people. Filmed at YogaKula in Berkeley, California, each DVD includes a talk, an illustrative practice and answers to questions from the audience. These DVDs, individually or as a series, are appropriate for yoga teachers and trainees from any tradition as well as for yoga practitioners who simply want to deepen their understanding.

These DVDs are available to order by clicking on the DVD images below. That will take you to the website where you can place and process your order easily. If you have any questions, feel free to write through the Contacts page.

(NTSC format - Multizone)

For those interested in using the DVDs for commercial or public use, such as public lectures, workshops, trainings etc please email us for the licensing agreement. $100 yearly licensing agreement fee per DVD.



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